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The number of Infections and fatalities from the novel coronavirus continued to rise across Eurasian countries on Tuesday. The number of COVID cases climbed to 27, in Ukraine, as more people tested positive over the last 24 hours, the country’s Health Ministry said in a statement. According to the statement, the number of deaths rose by 13 reaching , and the recoveries increased by to 12, The most affected regions in Ukraine were Chernivtsi city in western Ukraine, and the capital Kiev, it added. In Central Asian country of Kazakhstan, the number of cases rose by , bringing the total to 13,, registering a 1. At least two people died of the coronavirus over the last 24 hours, bringing the death toll to As of Tuesday, over 7, people have recovered in the country. With one fatality reported since last day, a total of 18 people have died to date, and 3, patients have recovered. The country’s Health Ministry said a total of 1, people were receiving treatment, and the condition of eight patients was critical. The country has so far carried out , coronavirus tests, while 45, people remain under surveillance.

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Last updated: July For Eurasianet’s latest coronavirus coverage, click here. Pressure on the health system has eased in the last week, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on July 16, potentially indicating higher compliance with sanitary regulations, reported EVN. For the fourth day in a row, there are no patients waiting to be admitted to the hospital or to be transferred to hospitals treating COVID

Including the inferred Basal Eurasian population contributing to contribute ancestry to the other Upper Paleolithic Eurasians analyzed to date.

The nonrecombining portion of the human Y chromosome has proven to be a valuable tool for the study of population history. The maintenance of extended haplotypes characteristic of particular geographic regions, despite extensive admixture, allows complex demographic events to be deconstructed. In this study we report the frequencies of 23 Y-chromosome biallelic polymorphism haplotypes in 1, men from 49 Eurasian populations, with a particular focus on Central Asia. These haplotypes reveal traces of historical migrations, and provide an insight into the earliest patterns of settlement of anatomically modern humans on the Eurasian continent.

Central Asia is revealed to be an important reservoir of genetic diversity, and the source of at least three major waves of migration leading into Europe, the Americas, and India. The genetic results are interpreted in the context of Eurasian linguistic patterns. Human population genetics uses the distribution of genetic markers in extant human populations to gain an insight into demographic and migrational history.

New molecular biological techniques, including surveys of autosomal microsatellite diversity 2 and single nucleotide polymorphism SNP haplotypes 3 , 4 have revealed similar patterns. The genetic evidence has consistently pointed to a recent common origin in Africa, with subsequent dispersal s of modern humans throughout the rest of the world.

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To date the TAR network comprises of slightly over , km of rail routes that have been selected for their potential to serve international.

Most people are familiar with the historical Silk Road, but fewer people realize that the exchange of items, ideas, technology, and human genes through the mountain valleys of Central Asia started almost three millennia before organized trade networks formed. These pre-Silk Road exchange routes played an important role in shaping human cultural developments across Europe and Asia, and facilitated the dispersal of technologies such as horse breeding and metal smelting into East Asia.

One of the most impactful effects of this process of ancient cultural dispersal was the westward spread of northeast Asian crops and the eastward spread of southwest Asian crops. However, until the past few years, a lack of archaeobotanical studies in Central Asia left a dearth of data relating to when and how this process occurred. This new study, led by scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, provides details of recently recovered ancient grains from the far northern regions of Inner Asia.

Radiocarbon dating shows that the grains include the oldest examples of wheat and barley ever recovered this far north in Asia, pushing back the dates for early farming in the region by at least a millenium. These are also the earliest domesticated plants reported from the northern half of Central Asia, the core of the ancient exchange corridor. This study pulls together sedimentary pollen and ancient wood charcoal data with archaeobotanical remains from the Tiangtian archaeological site in the Chinese Altai Mountains to reveal how humans cultivated crops at such northern latitudes.

Quantitating and Dating Recent Gene Flow between European and East Asian Populations

This led to his seizure of Georgian territory in , his Crimean grab of , and his armed incursions into eastern Ukraine in More recently, it has led to his forcing Kyrgyzstan to join his politics-driven Eurasian Economic Union and his current bullying of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to follow suit. Among the first to seek to fill this was the complex, vexed, and hyperactive strategist Alexander Dugin.

As recently as his visit to Washington a decade ago, he expressed no particular animus against the US and instead focused his venom on wayward Europe. Bluntly, Dugin wanted Moscow to turn its back on a debauched Europe and reorient Russia towards the East. For Russia to fulfill this grand destiny, it must first reject Europe and become an Asian political and economic power.

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My research project focuses on the main Central Eurasian religious ideas, especially in connection to the comitatus relationship the sociopolitical system at the core of the Central Eurasian state , and their transmission to cultures of the Eurasian periphery. The Proto-Indo-Europeans glorified warriors, so it is not surprising that their only known god was a father-figure who was evidently a ruler-like deity—as the introduced Central Eurasian god of Heaven, Tian , was in China from the Zhou Dynasty on.

The early Persians, who were among the latest Indo-European peoples to appear outside Central Eurasia, were evidently monotheistic even before Zoroastrianism, but the date and source or sources of Zoroastrianism, and the ethnolinguistic identity of Avestan, its holy language, are problems on which I will work further. This seems to be connected to religious ideas, and might be of great importance in explaining early Buddhism. While monotheism dominated Central Eurasia from the earliest times, it was not common elsewhere, if it can be shown to have existed anywhere before Indo-Europeans appeared there.

Imprint Data Privacy Statement. The Impact of Central Eurasian Religious Traditions on European and Asian Religions My research project focuses on the main Central Eurasian religious ideas, especially in connection to the comitatus relationship the sociopolitical system at the core of the Central Eurasian state , and their transmission to cultures of the Eurasian periphery.

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Central Asia is revealed to be an important reservoir of genetic diversity, and For dating the biallelic lineages, the following microsatellites were analyzed in a​.

It publishes the results of original research in the field of biological sciences especially related to morphology, physiology, genetics, ethnobiology, ethnobotany, taxonomy, ecology and biogeography of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. The study aimed to identify potential of complete feed formulated from local raw materials on and beef cattle performance. In conclusion, Treatment T3 containing Potential of complete feed formulated from local raw materials on beef cattle performance.

Eurasia J Biosci. In the experiment, medical leeches of three species were used: H.

Coronavirus keeps spreading in Eurasian countries

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The Annual Conference regularly features up to 70 panels and attracts approximately scholars from around the globe. Originally scheduled to be held in October , the conference has been postponed in light of Covid It has the third largest university campus in the country, with almost 60, students. Its faculty include scholars who are leaders in the sciences, engineering, medicine, public policy, law, social sciences, arts, and humanities.

It is one of the few US universities that teaches the Uzbek language regularly. The call for papers will open in early Proposals that had been submitted in when it was hoped to hold the conference in October will not be carried forward, in line with the same decision made about the Regional Conference. For the CESS Annual Conference, we invite submissions relating to all aspects of humanities and social science scholarship.

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