FDA permits Swedish Match to advertise snus smokeless tobacco as less harmful than cigarettes

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Swedish Match develops, manufactures and sells snus and other tobacco products. When demand for portion snus rose, the company needed to double production, making maximum use of existing space in the production plant. Swedish Match was seeing a steady increase in demand for portion snus and planned to construct a completely new production facility in Gothenburg. Its strategy was to build a sizeable plant to meet future expansion needs, with a strong focus on production safety, hygiene and the environment.

FILE PHOTO: A Swedish Match concept store for the tobacco group’s moist powder tobacco “snus” in Stockholm, Sweden October 24,

A Swedish company founded in the early 20th century, [1] Swedish Match has grown to become one of the top manufacturers of smokeless tobacco products in much of the world [1]. The tale of Swedish Match is more fascinating than the humble match and involves government takeovers, monopolies, and pyramid schemes. Based in Stockholm, Swedish Match is a leading manufacturer of smokeless tobacco, cigars, matches, and lighters [1].

It has played a significant role in Swedish and European economy since the early 20th century and [1] sells products in countries worldwide. It is the number one manufacturer of snus in Scandinavia and chewing tobacco in the US, and holds a large market share of lighters and matches in Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific [1]. A Swedish man alternatively considered a great businessman and a ruthless scam artist, he remains an enigma to this day [2].

By the s, he controlled most of the match production worldwide and was the sole producer in 33 countries by lending money to war-torn and bankrupt nations in exchange for a national match monopoly [3]. He helped Germany pay its war debts and mediated reparations between France and Germany [3]. On the other hand, he bought extravagant art and houses across the globe and gave stock options to his lovers as gifts [2]. As they say, “all good things come to an end,” and when his dubious business practices and forgery of millions in Italian bonds came to light, Kreuger ended his life in his Paris apartment [3].

In the s, as the sale of matches dropped precipitously, the company diversified, acquiring new companies in diverse markets. Under a new direction and leadership, it also started manufacturing lighters [1]. The other half of Swedish Match, Svenska Tobaksmonpolet, was founded in and headed by Oscar Wallenberg, a much tamer figure in Swedish history [4].

The company was created as a tobacco monopoly in Sweden, raising money for military defense and the pension system, a sign of the codependence of Swedish state and financial interests.

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Division will have a new president starting Aug. Tom spent most of his time at the company with the U. Division and has been a great contributor these past few years in his current role. Anders has been working closely with Tom since and is well prepared for his move to the CFO role. It sells smokefree products, cigars, lights and more under brands including Zyn, White Owl and Cricket. Sign up to receive texts from CSP on news and insights that matter to your brand.

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Swedish Match AB (publ) (SWMAY)

Swedish Match brands can be found in many markets all over the world. We have a total of brands, all with their own unique history. See all of our brands. Swedish matches have always been recognized for their quality, a tradition that Swedish Match continues to uphold and develop. We have been developing and refining the match that we make today for years.

It all begins with Swedish aspen.

If that’s enough to make even a percentage of them switch, we’ve The FDA also cleared Swedish Match’s claim that using General Snus.

The Food and Drug Administration , for the first time ever, will allow a tobacco company to advertise products as less harmful than smoking cigarettes. The agency on Tuesday authorized Swedish Match to say eight of its General snus smokeless tobacco products “puts you at a lower risk of mouth cancer, heart disease, lung cancer, stroke, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis” than smoking. This marks the first time the FDA has approved this type of request, known as a modified-risk tobacco product application.

While the FDA’s review found using snus instead of cigarettes poses a lower risk of developing some tobacco-related diseases, it does not mean the products are safe. Snus is a type of smokeless tobacco. The ground tobacco is typically sold inside a pouch that users place inside their mouths. For the broader tobacco industry, it will likely give companies hope they can win regulators’ permission to advertise new tobacco products as less harmful alternatives to smoking cigarettes.

The FDA has embraced the idea that tobacco products exist on a continuum of risk, where cigarettes are on the most harmful end and other ways to consume nicotine are on the less harmful end. This idea has come under scrutiny amid an outbreak of a deadly vaping-related lung disease that has sickened nearly 1, people and killed at least Jefferies analyst Owen Bennett called Tuesday’s decision positive for the industry because it shows the FDA is committed to allowing less harmful alternatives on the market.

He told clients in a research note that the designation could also comfort consumers as they question the safety of e-cigarettes. Swedish Match first petitioned the FDA in to exempt its General snus products from the standard warning label that says smokeless tobacco products can cause gum disease and tooth loss. Swedish Match often touts what it calls “the Swedish Experience.

Yet snus is banned in every European Union nation except Sweden.

Swedish Match AB

The U. We now have the opportunity and responsibility to inform cigarette users who cannot abstain that General Snus can be a risk-reducing alternative. The modified-risk status classifies General Snus as a tobacco product that is sold or distributed for use to reduce harm or the risk of tobacco-related disease associated with commercially marketed tobacco products.

In a statement, Swedish Match said the authorized claim allows it to begin working to reduce misperceptions related to the risk of General Snus.

Smokefree. Swedish Match has a market leading position in the Scandinavian snus market and is the number two player for nicotine pouches.

The company used to sell cigarettes, but decided in to divest its cigarette business to Austria Tabak. For Swedish Match therefore, the divestment of our cigarette operations was a natural step. We were a strong player in local markets, but a very small player compared with our main competitors. In Sweden and Norway, the company has been gradually losing market share following the entry of transnational tobacco companies on the Scandinavian snus market. Similar to cigarettes, snus brands are available in different price segments, in particular premium and value price categories.

In Swedish Match entered into a joint venture with Lorillard the third largest cigarette manufacturer in the US at the time to develop Swedish-style snus for the US market, 9 but this joint venture was terminated at the end of following unsatisfactory results. In January , the Louisville Courier Journal reported that records of the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission showed that some of the highest paid people working at the Kentucky Assembly, were lobbyists paid by large corporations to influence the State government by large corporations, including tobacco companies.

Swedish Match also used to directly contribute to online consumer forums to promote the company, its products and pro-snus messages see images 2 and 3. In and , Ersmark and a colleague directly responded to consumer questions about Swedish Match products and snus use in general. Over a period of eight months, the duo responded to 31 consumer questions, started one thread themselves, and in total posted 56 messages.

Some bloggers received regular free snus samples from Swedish Match and then reviewed the products online, including British blogger Tim Haigh. Haigh and Swedish Match later became involved in a controversy which saw researchers from the University of Bath receive verbal abuse over a peer-reviewed article which highlighted that snus was being sold illegally across the EU via the Internet, contravening three EU Directives and Swedish national legislation. In December , the Norwegian Parliament approved plain packaging legislation on cigarettes and snus.

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We now have the opportunity and responsibility to inform cigarette users who cannot abstain that General Snus can be a risk-reducing alternative. The modified risk status classifies General Snus as a tobacco product that is sold or distributed for use to reduce harm or the risk of tobacco-related disease associated with commercially marketed tobacco products. The authorized claim allows Swedish Match to begin working to reduce misperceptions related to the risk of General Snus. General Snus has already been tied to progressing the reduction of cigarette use in other countries.

In Sweden, widespread use of snus in place of cigarettes is believed to have helped the country achieve the lowest lung and oral cancer rates in men in Europe.


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Welcome to Lemarc Thomas – Matchmaking and Relationship coaching. the ‘​Match King’, headquartered Swedish Match, making matches (in a box). You are​.

Swedish Match produces and markets an extensive range of snuff, chewing tobacco, cigars, and pipe tobacco, as well as matches and disposable lighters. Swedish Match core business focuses on its broad and deep knowledge of snuff and chewing tobacco smokeless tobacco and cigars and pipe tobacco brown tobacco. Swedish Match shall strengthen its position as a leading, global player in the area of niche tobacco products, particularly in the European and North American markets.

Key Dates:. Based in Stockholm, Swedish Match AB is the leading global manufacturer of matches and the third-largest manufacturer of disposable lighters. The company also markets an array of tobacco products other than cigarettes. It produces pipe tobacco and snuff, chewing tobacco, cigars, tobacco rolling papers, and filters. During the early s Swedish Match became one of the first companies to achieve a truly global presence.

Its products are still sold worldwide, with particularly strong markets in Europe and North America.

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This marks the first time a tobacco company can make such a claim. A number of tobacco companies have filed similar applications with the FDA.

Swedish Match needed a system that provided an easy way to share, sort and find files, especially marketing material such as logos, brand texts and pack shots, both external and internal. They needed a solution that also could be integrated with an existing business system. We needed a function where one could easily share the material in other channels externally and that could be used as a brand portal internally.

Another crucial aim has been to cut overhead for managing files, which we feel that we have truly accomplished. With the employees spread across the globe, managing assets and ensuring correct usage of files proved to be a complicated task. By integrating QBank with your existing publishing system you get the framework to ensure that the brand gets the best solution that is required in a communication-intensive organization. Swedish Match develops, manufactures, and sells market-leading brands in the product areas Snus and snuff, Other tobacco products US mass market cigars and chewing tobacco , and Lights matches and lighters.

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