The easiest way to date a Holdsworth, Claud or Grubb is to start with the frame number. This can give a very good indication of when the frameset was made and sometimes much more. Knowing the year made narrows the field enormously when trying to ID the model. Pre Claud Butlers can easily be dated to the exact month from the frame number alone. Most pre-war Holdsworth’s have the frame number on the seatlug. Post WW2 it is generally under the BB , but some ‘s models are stamped on the rear dropout , drive or non-drive side. Unfortunately the number is usually coated with enamel.

Holdsworth frame numbers

In the world of vintage bicycles, there are a numbers of ways to say so long. A frame may be involved in a crash, rendering it damaged beyond repair. An reliable old friend may be sold and the relationship ended. Or, such as this case, what was once a high-end frame adorned with flawless, vibrant paint, razor sharp decals and expertly done lug lining, has now decayed into only a shell of what once was on the outside.

details of the individual disqualified; start date of disqualification; period of disqualification; details of Date Submitted: Name: Kieran Holdsworth.

Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign in. Bezrenki Posts: 4. August edited August in Vintage bikes forum. The previous owner suggests it can be Major Nichols as his mom remembers his father arguing with Mr Nichols over the geometry it was a custom-built. The bike was repainted. So in your opinion: Based on the frame number and lugs that you can see on the pictures, can you help me identify if it is more likely Major Nichols or Holdsworth?

August The lugs and dropouts do not suggest anything of particular quality, in my opinion. I would guess that whatever frame it is, it wasn’t a custom build. Matthewfalle Posts: 17, Recognition at last Matthew, well done! Mine has cable stops on the down tube for bar end shifters though.

Holdsworth House Hotel

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holdsworth frame.

By Laurence Dodds. The distinctive orange and blue livery of a Holdsworth bicycle was once a common sight on the roads of Britain and at high-profile cycling races across Europe. Founded in Putney, south-west London, in by William Frank Holdsworth, the Holdsworth company made bicycles in south London in its own name for more than half a century. It was eventually sold to a rival, and has passed ever since from buyer to flagging buyer until it was merely one name in a large portfolio, whose production had long since moved away from its British origins to cheaper, offshore manufacturing bases.

Riding Le Tour Confessions of a middle-aged man in lycra. Wiggle saddles up for flotation. But as the Tour de France concludes its historic British journey south on Monday into London — and Yorkshire recovers from its cycling fever — Holdsworth bikes are set finally to return home. David Loughran, the founder of Rotherham-based bike company Planet X, wants to build a new generation of classic Holdsworth frames entirely in Britain using the famous Reynolds steel as the trend for a return to traditional frame-making materials and methods intensifies.

Everybody moved production to Taiwan and in due course the English and European manufacturing facilities were decimated.

Is it Holdsworth or Major Nichols (1960s)?

And the riders wear long shorts and caps, not helmets. It has helped to fuel a resurgence of interest in vintage road bikes that sees eBay and cycling forums buzzing, and a new generation of old-tech specialists. Many have jumped on the Bradley Wiggins-inspired cycling upsurge, and are now looking for something different, to supplement their modern road bikes.

The history and heritage of Holdsworth brought bang up to date in a which revitalised the name by releasing a series of updated frames.

The precinct is rare as an intact group of Federation period residences. The early owners and developers of the precinct were prominent Fremantle businessmen Lionel Holdsworth expiree, accountant and mercantile clerk and Henry Dixson tobacco merchant. The precinct contributes to the Fremantle community’s sense of place through its distinctive streetscape. The houses between 20 and 24 Ord Street have strong landmark qualities as fine two-storey examples of Federation Filigree architecture, accentuated by their location above street level.

The precinct contains a rare collection of fine Federation Filigree style residences. The addition to 3 Bateman Street is of little significance. There are no intrusive elements. It is single storey on the Bateman Street side and with the benefit of the reverse slope is two storey on the interior side. A wide carport obscures much of the house from Bateman Street.

The house is constructed in timber frame and clad with weatherboards. The house has a hipped zincalume roof, tall masonry chimneys, surrounding bull nosed roof verandah carried on stop chamfered timber posts with timber friezes, post brackets, and a Chinoiserie balustrade. The street frontage garden is brick paved with plantings of Palms, Pines and Creepers.

The resurgence of vintage road bikes

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Holdsworth “Hurricane” frame and forks, hand brazed nervex lugs with Campagnolo drop-outs dating to the later part of the ‘s. In outstanding condition.

If there is one notable feature to the vintage lightweight racing bicycle market it is the variability of prices. Often, that is the result of a lack of market information. If somebody were to call a few people who deal in vintage lightweights, or perhaps ask a VRBN subscriber, then they would have a reasonable amount of market knowledge. Instead, many buyers and sellers enter the market only once – i. In such a circumstance, the price it is advertised at may be far below current market levels.

Sometimes, though, they make the opposite mistake. If an older bike is well abused but the seller thinks it is a much better bike than it really is, then the price may be way too high. Such a mistake is common with production bikes that were originally expensive but in reality were rather mediocre. Prices also vary considerably even when buyers and sellers are well versed in the field.

That is because the market is so thin. With relatively few buyers and sellers, a market transaction depends upon the perfect alignment of a perhaps reluctant seller and a cautious buyer. This is more pronounced when the item is more scarce.

Holdsworth Competition review

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Following move in 76, according to Kilgariff, all numbers for Holdsworth and “​Claud” frames were lumped together. He also says total.

Discussion boards hosted by Cycling UK. Quick links. Dating Holdsworth -fancy lugs Nervex Copies? Only number I can find is on Fork steerer which is “” It is a touring geometry frame, with Fancy lugs, that look like Nervex Pro, except seem to show some differences. Front of head-lugs has no fish-tail – a window instead, and no-reinforcing rim. Frame has long campag ends with mudguard eyes.

Curved rear brake beidge suggests an older design? I have shown frame to Cliff Shrubb, who said he didn’t think the lugs were Nervex but copies – he didn’t have any fixed ideas on date. Haven’t been able to find a nervex lug pattern that looks exactly liek it on any of the classic bike websites Of course it might not be a Holdsworth just one they resprayed, or a special they made.

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