How to disable related videos on YouTube embeds (No longer working)

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Hi, I find this chrome video screenshot extension very useful: javascript:(​function(){var d=document,e,sS=’.ytp-gradient-bottom.

A YouTube Poop YTP is a type of video mashup created by editing pre-existing media sources for humorous, profane, annoying, confusing, scary, shocking, surreal, or dramatic purposes. YouTube Poops are traditionally uploaded to the video sharing website YouTube , hence the name. A typical YTP uses visual and auditory effects to alter the underlying work.

Some of these videos may involve completely or partially repurposing sources to create or convey a story, while others follow a non-linear narrative , and some may contain no storyline at all. Media sources of YouTube Poops include television shows , movies , anime , cartoons, commercials, video games, and other videos obtained from YouTube or elsewhere. YTP is often derivative in the sense that the work of one artist or pooper is sometimes used as the underlying work for another video.

Another prominent type of video in the community is known as a ” collab “, wherein a group of YouTube Poopers’ videos are compiled to make a longer, often feature-length video. Most of the time, the videos featured are made exclusively for the collab and are not uploaded to YouTube prior to the collab’s release. YouTube Poops have evolved over the years, and in the current era, it has more of a similarity to avant-garde media. The law in the United Kingdom does allow people to use copyrighted material for the purposes of parody , pastiche , and caricature without infringing on the copyright of the material.

If the case is then taken to court, it will be down to a judge to decide whether the video meets these criteria.

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Imperica closed on 31 July. They are simply just randomly chosen clips from things such as cartoons, clipped, looped and remixed to make it sound really strange. Rather absurdist in nature, YouTube Poop is a concept that is several years old and yet is unknown to many, even though many YTP sites and forums exist. Please introduce your own experience of YTP — how you got into it and your experience to date. I eventually found the YTP YouTube Stream an old, removed feature from YouTube that allowed users to share videos to watch together with chat on the side , hooked up with some community members, and started making videos with their suggestions.

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During the video he reviews the Pogo Stick mod, which adds various types of Pogo Minecraft 10 Date Challenge w/LittleKelly (Custom Roleplay)Read TDM’S dantdm gets ruined ytp minecraft backpack mod showcase minecraft ultimate.

Skip to Content. Join Common Sense Media Plus for timely advice from a community of parents like you. Picture this: Your kid has settled in to watch what looks like a nice Peppa Pig video. The title of the video looked age-appropriate and your kid instantly recognized the familiar characters. But after a few minutes of normal play, the story goes horribly wrong.

The characters start cursing, bleeding violently, or engaging in other disturbing acts. What’s up with these strange videos that look like they’re for kids but definitely are not?

Chrome Extension That Skips YouTube Ads (+Steps How To Create It)

It mostly began around January , when Drew Bromley was filled with greed at the time, which he used SML videos just for views at the time, despite Drew actually secretly hating them, although he had Greysen Davis to do some of the writing for each episode. The series eventually stopped once his mother began acting strict with what Drew uploaded.

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I uploaded this because SammyClassicSonicFan made all of his videos private. I am in no way wanting to make fun of him for uploading this. I am only uploadin.

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Forestry Mod 1. Have danTDM join u on ur adventures! All of the videos posted by DanTDM in This is what this mod Download. Using the Pokemobs mod, you can encounter wild Pokemon, craft various Pokemon related items such as Pokeballs and a Pokedex as well as get challenged by Team Rocket to improve your Pokemon’s levels and get them to evolve. Rebirth of the Night Dan from The Diamond Minecart takes you through the Candy mod which allows you to create Candy Paper and smelt some Caramel to eventually create your own Candy to munch on a receive quite a fun effect!

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YouTube Poop is “a name used for videos posted on YouTube which experience of YTP – how you got into it and your experience to date.

See our picks list. Two cousins Phil and Jack from completely different worlds the Philippines and the SF Bay Area are forced to live together by their overly controlling uncle, Tito Dick. The ongoing adventures of JonTron, as he takes it upon himself to review games of all kinds and some movies , under the watchful eye of his friend and overlord, the cyborg bird, Jacques. An eccentric video-game-obsessed Swede plays video games, laughing and screaming and crying along the way.

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